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Снимка Уеймин Чу / Инстаграм

Както всяка година, така и тази, National Georgraphic Travel проведе конкурса Travel Photographer of the Year. Тази година снимката победител е дело на Уеймин Чу и е озаглавена „Грендландска зима“.

Фотографът е предал малко семейство, което върви по заснежените улици на град Ушернавик.

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[ Grand Prize Winner | 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest ] Photograph by Weimin Chu (@thomaschuphoto) . Announcing the grand prize-winning image for the 2019 @natgeo Travel Photo Contest. Our judges reviewed thousands of entries, and this photo of a family walking through the fishing village of Upernavik, Greenland, at dusk rose above the rest. While photographer Weimin Chu has spent time traveling throughout the Arctic nation, this was his first visit to the northwestern city. Chu recalls being overcome by emotion when he saw the city for the first time: “The beauty of this tranquil village was really beyond my imagination. It was a wow moment for me.” — To see more winners from the 2019 @natgeo Travel Photo Contest, visit natgeo.com/travelphotocontest

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Интересното в случая е, че сградите в страната са традиционно оцветени в определен цвят, с което се означава тяхната функция – червено за магазините, черно за полицейските участъци, жълто за болниците и синьо за рибните предприятия. Всичко е с цел лесното им разпознаване при натрупване на снега.

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Colorful houses in Greenland. #upernavik #greenland

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Снимката е много контрастна, тъй като фотографът умело е предал покритото със сняг рибарско селище и живите цветове на старите му къщи. Уеймин Чу печели както голямата награда в конкурса, така и тази в категория „Градове“.

Със сигурност обаче изборът на победител е бил доста труден. Отличени са и фотографиите на други професионалисти в категориите „Природа“ и „Хора“. Ето и някои от тях:

"Градове" - второ място

"Природа" - първо място

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Many of you have asked me to tell the story of how I got the winning shot. I will gladly tell the story! I have written a note on my facebook page (please like and follow!), follow link in bio!!! ___ Varios de ustedes me han pedido que cuente la historia de como obtuve la toma ganadora. ¡Con mucho gusto les cuento! Escribí la nota en mi página de Facebook (por favor denle like y síganme ahí también!) Link en mi perfil! #Conservation #CanonMexicana #NatGeo #NatGeoYourShot #NationalGeographicTravel2019NatureWinner #NationalGeographic #Vultures #Birds #EstoEsHacerFoto #SoyEaf #ClubFotoMex #Animal #Wildlife #Birds_brilliance #Only_raptors #Spain #Monfrague #VulturesRock

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"Природа" - второ място

"Хора" - първо място

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[ First Place, People | 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest ] Photograph by Huaifeng Li . “Actors prepare for an evening opera performance in Licheng County, China. I spent the whole day with these actors from makeup to [stage],” writes photographer Huaifeng Li. “I’m a freelance photographer, and the series ‘Cave Life’ is a long-term project of mine. In China's Loess Plateau, local residents dig holes in the loess layer [to create cave living spaces, known as yaodongs] and use the heat preservation properties to survive cold winters.” — To see more winners from the 2019 @natgeo Travel Photo Contest, visit natgeo.com/travelphotocontest

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"Хора" - второ място

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【ご報告】 数時間前、 世界で最も権威ある世界最高峰のフォトコンテスト 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest People 2位に選出されました。 写真を始めた時からこの世界最高峰のフォトコンテストでの入賞を目標に写真を撮ってきました。あまりにも大きすぎる目標の為、一生かかっても無理だろうと思っていましたがまさかの2位受賞。今だに実感がなく泣けてない状況です。 ほんと夢の様です。 この様な素晴らしい賞をいただけたのも自分に関わってくださる全ての方々のおかげだと思っています。本当にありがとうございます。 そしてこれからもよろしくお願いいたします。 藤原 嘉騎 ————————————————— 以下、写真のキャプション。 『虹色に塗られたレトロな建物。 そして、カラフルなバスケットボールコートとヤシの木がユニークさを演出している場所だった。このユニークな景色が多くの若者を集め非常に賑やかな場所となっていた。 しかし、この場所に違和感のある場所が存在していた。それはコートの一部分のみの色が剥げ落ち、白くなっている事だった。 私はそれが気になり、日時を変えて再び訪れてみた。

とても神々しい姿であった。』—————— A retro building painted in rainbow colors. And it was a unique place with colorful basketball courts and palm trees. This unique view attracted many young people and made it a very lively place. However, there was a strange place in this place. Only a portion of the basketball court was discolored and white. I was curious about it, so I changed the date and time and visited again. 
The mystery was solved. 
The old man was playing Tai Chi at the spot where the color of the basketball court had disappeared. Sunlight enters from the side. The light was as iridescent as the building behind it. When I saw the scene, I felt that time had stopped. He looked very divine. SONY ILCE-7RM3 SONY SEL2470GM——————————————————————————————————————————— #igersjp #japawaits #instagramjapan #ig_japan #lovers_nippon #team_jp_ #bestjapanpics_ #visitjapan #東京カメラ部 #japandailies #photography #art_of_japan_ #bestphoto_japan #wp_japan #fstoppers #worldbestgram #igworldclub #globaldaily #wonderful_places #1x #natgeo #photooftheday #follow #loveyourself #sonyalpha #sony

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