Bulgarian passengers forced Brits out of a plane due to fear of COVID-19

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Bulgarian passengers forced six British people out of a plain due to a chance that they were infected with the coronavirus.

The plain, bound for London departed from Sofia Airport “Vrazhdebna” at 20 p.m. without the British passengers.

The resort town of Bansko is under full lockdown, entering and leaving it is prohibited, after a British tourist infected 3 Bulgarians with coronavirus.

The sick Brit is in a hospital, but without the knowledge of the authorities, the rest of his group were accommodated in a hotel near Lion Bridge in Sofia by their tour operator, where they would wait for a flight home.

This caused the anger of the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who accused the tour operator of being irresponsible and ordered the blockade of the hotel by the police

Borisov said that all of them will transported by a bus to the airport, where a charter would come for them.

It is not certain if the passengers forced out of the plane are a part of that group, but it is clear that the other passengers do think so.

In another video made a few minutes earlier, a scandal between passengers waiting on Terminal 1 and the staff can be seen, because they allowed the merging of two waiting queues. According to the passengers, they are exactly the tourists from Bansko, which had been waiting for their charter, which did not come.

Airport authorities intervene to put an end to the scandal, but six of the Brits were boarded on the plane. Because the plain is only half-full, one of them suggests the Brits should sit in front and the Bulgarians in the back so there will be 8 free rows between them.

However, the Bulgarian passengers refuse and demand that the captain makes the decision.

“Because of one sick person a whole town was put under lockdown. I understand that you want to go home, but there are 150 people here and we all have families” says one of the Bulgarian passengers.

“The flight will proceed without the respective passengers”, is the captain’s final decision. 

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